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Friday, July 15, 2016

The International Communications Forum was deeply saddened to hear the news of the heartbreaking atrocity in Nice. We wish to express our profound sympathy and total solidarity with the people of France.

Terrorism, whatever the underlying grievance, is always unjustifiable. Terrorism of this utterly brutal kind, impacting the innocent indiscriminantly, is never defensable. This terrible act targeted those celebrating their national day, and affected some of the most innocent in our society,  including young children.

Wherever we see actions of this kind, whether in the streets of Damascus or Beirut, whether in Tel Aviv, Istanbul or London, whether in New York or Baghdad, such actions must be condemned.

But more than this, we must be spurred to redouble our efforts to bring an end to the broader tragedy that is the state of the Middle East today, lest these innocent victims and others who may suffer the same fate in future, should die in vain.

It goes without saying that those that perpetrate such acts are themselves mentally disturbed or so tragically misled that they have to deserve our pity.

We live in one world. We are one world family. God grant that we never see actions of this kind again.

With our sincere condolences to the victims,

The International Communications Forum