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IofC international website

Initiatives of Change (IofC) works on the principle that changes in people's motives, attitudes and behaviour are not only possible but are the only sure basis on which wider lasting change in society can be brought about. This is the experience of millions of people, whether involved in IofC or not, who have decided to start the 'change process' in their own lives.

We plan to provide links to organisations that share the ICF's concerns and vision for the media.

If you would like to be considered for inclusion on our Links Page, please Email us here.

International Media Awards

The official website for the International Media Awards, including details of past award ceremonies, galleries and video excerpts.

The Next Century Foundation

The Foundation's Secretary General, William Morris, has taken over as Chairman of the International Communications Forum following the September 2013 merger between the ICF and the International Council for Press and Broadcasting, the media wing of the Next Century Foundation.

EthicsWorld is an independent, not-for-profit forum designed to contribute to the strengthening of global ethics and governance. EthicsWorld is for professionals in business, government, civil society, and academia as well as students and the media. EthicsWorld provides knowledge through news, research, and best practices, and encourages an active exchange of views.

ICF supporters are invited to visit EthicsWorld and to sign up for the newsletter.

Global Tolerance

Communication with conscience

A communications agency like no other, global tolerance is a flag bearer for media ethics and a pioneer in sparking coverage for inspiring social stories.

 Media CSR Forum

The "Media corporate social responsibility (CSR) forum" is a group of media organisations developing CSR and sustainability practices and understanding for the UK media sector.

The Forum was established in 2001 following recognition that the practice of CSR and sustainability for media companies has many unique features that sets it apart from traditional industry and other business sectors, some of which could benefit from a collaborative approach.