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The opinions expressed in these documentaries are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect those of the International Communications Forum. Documentary on the ICF from Russia.

In February 2008 a group of Russian media professionals visited the United Kingdom.  The group was led by ICF Vice President Natalia SkVortsova, Professor in the Journalism Department at the University of the Russian Academy of Education, Nizhny Novgorod and former Executive Secretary of the Russian Union of Journalists. Professor SkVortsova took part in ICF’s media ethics workshop at Lincoln University, and with her colleagues met and interviewed the ICF’s Founder President Bill Porter, President Bernard Margueritte and members of the ICF’s Executive Committee.  On their return to Nizhny Novgorod they made a documentary film in English about the ICF, including these interviews. 

The documentary gives a moving insight into the influence the ICF has had in Eastern Europe and in particular the importance of the Forum held in Sarajevo in 2000, when the Sarajevo Commitment was promulgated.

The production team for the documentary was Olga Noskova, Natalia Skortsova, Tatiana Bulatova, Igor Merzliakov, Klrill Kalinin and Julia Volkova.