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2014 Media Ethics Conference

Since 1991 there have been 22 Forums in 14 countries. ICF's contact with 2,000 media people in 116 countries is maintained by a computerised mailing list. It has been through the initiative of many of these people that Forums have taken place on most continents. 

After a four-year hiatus, the ICF's merger with the International Council for Press and Broadcasting and the arrival of William Morris as the ICF's new Chairman will see a renewal of ICF activities and events. The 2014 conference took place on 9 May.

The Conference will discuss Media Ethics in a Changing World. Through four sessions, the conference will explore the way media professionals understand ethics and apply this understanding to they face in their work.

Led by ICF President Bernard Margueritte and ICF Chairman William Morris, the four panels discussed issues of the Government and the Media, Media Fact and Fiction, the Ethos of Media Governance and Integrity and Media Ethics.

The Media the hope

Bernard Margueritte'...only media, proper media, quality media can bring about a true citizenry, only media can allow people all around the world to know and respet each other and get ready to work together?' These are the words from Bernard Margueritte's opening speech at the Media Ethics Conference 2014. Inspired by the Sarajevo Commitment and Media Ethics code, the conference was a resounding success attended by members of the media and academics who seek to shape the future of the media and its responsibility towards the public. 

Media ethics conference 2014 footage

2014 Media Ethics ConferenceCoverage of the International Communications Forum's annual conference in London by Levant TV, held on 9 May, with panels of prominent people from the BBC, US State Department, foreign correspondents and other international media personas and politicians from around the world.