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The International Media Awards 2017

On the 28th of June, the 10th edition of the International Media Awards were held at Whitehall, London. With guests attending from all over the world, including Russia, Israel, Afghanistan and Libya, the ceremony was a great spectacle of diversity. The ceremony was indeed a microcosm of the greater Middle East, the disparate nationalities and ethnicities of all those who participated reflected the vast array of people that call the region home. In an increasingly exclusionary, protectionist modern political landscape, this evening serves as a sharp contrast, offering a glimmer of hope to all of us who have been saddened by the current state of middle-eastern affairs, and those of us who are discontent with recent geopolitical developments.

The evening was not short of entertainment either, throughout the dinner multiple awards were given to deserving journalists, ranging from those who have just embarked on a journalistic career to those more seasoned, with some boasting 25+ year careers. Correspondents, documentary producers, and broadcasters were all recognised during the night. It is imperative these professionals are recognised for the work they do. They consistently risk their lives for the sake of uncovering the truth on complex and help us make sense of an increasingly interconnected world. Through credible, honest storytelling the winners have drawn out attention towards humanitarian crises whether they be in Yemen or Syria, the plight of those living under IS rule in Iraq and also highlighted the injustices some Palestinians face in everyday life. 

Among the winners was Lyse Doucet, an accomplished broadcaster and frontline journalist, and is currently the BBC's Chief International Correspondent. She won the 'Outstanding Contribution to Broadcasting' award, which rewards those who have had an illustrious career in the field of journalism. Throughout her career, Lyse has uphelp the universal media virtues of integrity, honesty and impartiality. She is a figure of the industry and an idol to many young journalists looking to begin their careers. 

There was also a moment of profound reflection During the 4-year International Media Awards hiatus, there have been over 100 media related murders in the Middle-East. This number serves to indicate the deteriorating security conditions for media personnel in the region. But it simultaneously allows us to appreciate the dangerous but vital work journalists undertake. The sorry state of freedom of speech in the region is disheartening, but as the International Media Awards has indicate: the Middle-Eastern region has bee ushered into a new era of information and wide-spread knowledge, there has been a huge influx of young journalists breaking through, evinced by the young set of winners this year. This who are brave, courageous, and those who will always stand in the face of adversity to retell the stories of the unfortunate to those of us who are much more fortunate. It is safe to say that the future of journalism is in good hands. 

For videos of the International Media Awards visit the NCF Peace youtube channel here:


The International Media Awards 2014

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2014 marks the 10th year of the annual International Media Awards. Recent events have shown us not only the power of conventional mass media, but also the increasing ability of non-professionals to create positive political currents. The International Media Awards are a salute to the importance of both these forces, designed to reinforce their impact through the promotion of accurate and responsible reportage. The bring together figures active in all forms of conventional and non-conventional media, and from all over the Middle East, a testament to the peaceful dialogue in that region.

Under the terms of the merger between the ICPB and the ICF, all ICPB activity, including the management and hosting of the Media Awards will come under the jurisdiction of the International Communications Forum with immediate effect.


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