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Forums have been held around the world...

Since 1991 there have been 22 Forums in 14 countries. ICF's contact with 2,000 media people in 116 countries is maintained by a computerised mailing list. It has been through the initiative of many of these people that Forums have taken place on most continents. 

After a four-year hiatus, the ICF's merger with the International Council for Press and Broadcasting and the arrival of William Morris as the ICF's new Chairman will see a renewal of ICF activities and events, with a new conference planned for May 2014.

The following are themes covered by some of the Forums: 

1991 Caux, Switzerland - Inauguration Forum - Communications and a Free Society
1992 Le Touquet, France - Media Initiatives for Progress
1993 Nizhny Novgorod, Russia - A Moral and Cultural Role for the Media
1993 Cantigny, Illinois, USA - American Media seek a New Direction
1994 Kazimierz Dolny, Poland - Freedom and Responsibility - Dilemma of the Media
1995 Toronto, Canada The Media and Ethnicity
1996 Dobogoko, Hungary - Which Way for the Media of Central Europe
1997 Sydney, Australia - The Role and Responsibility of the Media
1998 Pardubice, Czech Republic - The Media's Role in building a New and Outgoing Europe
1999 London, UK - The Media and Public Confidence
1999 Kingston, Jamaica - The Media and Society in the Caribbean
1999 Caux, Switzerland - Formation of the Media for the 21st Century
2000 Caux, Switzerland - Communication and the Arts
2000 Sarajevo, Bosnia - The Media-a Decisive Force in building a Free and Just Society
2001 Denver, Colorado, USA - American Media and the World Community
2001 Scotland, three cities - How the Media affect Society
2003 Cape Town, South Africa - Changing Media for a Changing Society

2004 Le Touquet, France – The Media and Public Confidence
2006 Delhi, India – The Media and Governance 
2007 London, UK - Middle East and the Media
2008 London, UK - War Reporting – Where does a Journalist’s Duty Lie?
2008 London, UK - An African Conversation
2014 London, UK - Media Ethics in a Changing World