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Voting rules and procedures

1. Nominations are open to all.

2. Shortlisting is conducted by the International Communications Forum (which includes the former International Council for Press and Broadcasting)

3. All former winners are entitled to vote.

4. The ICF may alter nomination categories if there is an exceptionally high number of votes for the second place candidate in a particular category

5. Awards are not awarded in absentia. In order to receive an award, the recipient must be present at the ceremony.

6. In very exceptional circumstances, eg. a candidate is unable to travel from a warzone, an award may be deffered for a subsequent year.

7. The council undertakes to attempt to inform all shortlisted nominees of their nomination and invite them to the awards ceremony.

8. Where excessive lobbying has taken place, the shortlisted nominee may be disqualified.

9. Except under exceptional circumstances, nominations are not accepted for former award winners.

10. Award winners unable to receive their award through no fault of their own will automatically be shortlisted in the subsequent year.