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Media Ethics Code 2017

The ICF seeks to promote high standards of responsible journalism, particularly with regard to conflict situations and areas of the world were there has been a history of animosity between populations. Accordingly, the ICF has published its own code of media ethics which it seeks to promote as a means on encouraging journalistic integrity.

1. Write fact not fiction. Write facts as you see them, what you know to be true, not what you merely believe to be true.
2. A story without a source is a source of trouble.
3. A source is not a source when the story is based on rumor.
4. When in doubt, either check it, or cut it out. 
5. Prejudge no one.
6. Be passionately honest to the facts as you find them, whilst remaining as objective as you can.
7. Divorce comment from news and label it as such.
8. Commentators are not exempt from the duty to be accurate.
9. Never incite racial or religious division.
10. Inform and enlighten, lest we fail to understand one another.