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Sunday, May 12, 2002

"A Global World in Need of Ethics" was the tone-setting address by Milan Kučan, President of Slovenia, to the International Press Institute's World Congress in Ljubljana, meeting from 9 to 12 May, 2002 in this beautiful and well-run country.

"Without a free media allowing for the self-reflection of society, there is no bright future for the World" stated Mr Kučan. He continued, "Globalisation of the economy, information and the environment has made a single, indivisible world. But, in spite of that, an awareness of interdependence is setting-in only very slowly. Even slower at setting-in are actions expressing a common responsibility for mankind. No society, not even a global one, can exist without moral values and without rules based on ethical principles. Respecting the rules allows for active co-existence and prevents the world from turning into a clash of civilisations".

Turning to the recent tragic events in the former Yugoslavia, he said "Dreams, hopes and ambitions are coming back to life. The expectations are great of the media, that their professionalism will see them fulfil their task in environments that belong to the common European home".

In conclusion Kučan appealed to the media, "You have great power in your hands and you share the responsibility for the future of humanity, along with the other levers of democracy. The challenges of the modern world are common to us all. It will be easier to find the answers with your involvement. That is why the future of this world also depends on you".