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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

International Media Awards 2017

This year saw the return of the International Media Awards after a four year interval.  The awards recognise journalists and editors who have made outstanding contributions towards fostering understanding in the Middle East and around the world. Over 150 people from the world of business, politics and the media were in attendance to celebrate the work of some of the most dedicated journalists who in many instances have put their very lives on the line in the name of credible journalism and exposing the truth.


The prizes are divided into several different categories including the Peace through Media Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award, the Cutting Edge Award, the Breakaway Award, the New Ground Award and the Outstanding Contribution to Broadcasting Award. As is tradition, winners are given the gift of an olive tree, a symbol of peace to represent their sacrifices and untiring efforts.


“Thank you to all the people who work and worked with me, thank you to the people who risked their lives and lost their lives with me” said Fabio Scuto on the collection of The Peace through Media Award, given to journalists who have contributed to a more accurate understanding of the Middle East throughout their careers. His heartfelt words were a reminder of the overwhelming risks that journalists across the world take in service of the truth, and the tragic human cost of fighting for a more peaceful world.


This year, prizes were won by Fabio Scuto of La Stampa; Imad Karam, a Gazan film maker; Rogel Alpher of Haaretz; Geoffrey Lean, Britain’s longest serving environmental correspondent; Adel Darwish, a veteran Westminster based reporter; Iona Craig, a journalist dedicated to uncovering the Yemeni crisis; Ohad Hemo, a correspondent for Palestinian affairs on Israel’s most watched TV channel; Gareth Browne of the Times; Jack Merlin Watling of NewsFixed; Christine Garabedian, a London based documentary film maker; Nomak Kroshnaw, a BBC freelance producer; and Lyse Doucet OBE, the Chief International Correspondent of the BBC.